28 Sep

When I was a teenager I couldn’t wait to become an ‘adult’ with independence and freedom.  Like every teen I know, I was living at home with my parents and going to high school.  So all I really stressed about was whether I’d finish my homework on time so that I could go to the mall with my friends; what my mum had cooked for dinner and whether that cute boy from English class liked me! I couldn’t wait to go to university; get a good job where I would change the world; live by myself in a cute apartment in a different city and go out on dates with nice men until I eventually met ‘the one’.  I wanted to be Charlotte from SATC but have a career like Miranda.   

 What I didn’t know was that my teens were probably the easiest years of my life! No one told me that ‘growing up’ is hard and that ‘real life’ is filled with a different set of challenges and lessons that they don’t teach in school. 

 Most kids gain their independence in their late teens or early 20s and this is when life gets harder.  All of a sudden, you are responsible for your own actions and well being.  It’s up to you to create the life that you want and be happy – of course most of us are lucky to have a great support network such as your parents and friends to help us to get through it.  But ultimately, it’s up to you.  So it can be overwhelming!  It’s not all bad – but it’s certainly not as easy as those teenage years. 

 So this blog is about the challenges that I’ve faced and lessons that I have learned so far at 20-something.  I have a feeling that others will be able to relate to these experiences and (hopefully after reading this) will feel that they are not alone and have ways to tackle it.   It’s also about being happy, positive and content with life.